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The following is information about  projects that I produced, arranged, composed and or performed on during the period starting from 2013 until the present.

Muse:  The 2nd Law


Panic Station (Official video)  The Making Of Panic Station(video)





As a Producer, composer and arranger:

Heat: Heat Revisited

Arno HaasMagic Hands

Arno Haas: Back To You

with special guest Al Jarreau  Lucky Chance (single) featuring Al Jarreau

DK: DK Tonight

Denise DecaroChristmas And You (album) This Christmas

Horn Engine  Let Me Stay

As an arranger:


   Horn arrangements: Pretty World (video),  Love Makes The Changes

Complete arrangements: Darling Who Cares, I Got No Business (video)   I Got No Business (mp3)

Justin Wilson:  No Room

Natalie Cadet:  Dear Depression

Tribal Reasons  

What It is I Do, The Way You Roll (Coming Soon!)

Tennington Park

Work To Do featuring Bill Champlin and Mickey Thomas  (Coming Soon!)

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