Making Up Lost Time *
Tom Saviano

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Release date: 05/05/1998
Original release date: 1998
Label: Whirlybird Records
Catalog: 9858
Distributer: Allegro

Genre: Jazz Instrument/Smooth Jazz & Vocals
Sub-Genre: Saxophone

Guest Artists: Dave Boruff(saxophone); Pat Kelly(guitar); Bill Champlin(vocals); Joseph Williams(vocals); Garry Grant(trumpet); Joel Taylor(drums); Michael Fisher(percussion); Nils Jiptner(guitar).
Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Studio/Live: Studio


Track Listings

* Making Up Lost Time
* JP's Groove
* What Does It Matter Anyway
* I Can't Let Go
* Over The Top
* Modern Life
* She Dreams
* Tough
* We've Got To Try
* To Touch Your Heart


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